Reusable food cover set

Product Code: 107081

consists of 3 different sized food cover with a retro design. Suitable for bowls and plates from 13cm to 30cm. Machine washable.


Product Description

The food cover set consists of 3 different sized food covers and cover a range of bowls and plates.

The unique design allows each set to fit around bowls and plates with a diameter as little as 13cm and as large as 30cm. These eco-friendly, food covers are machine washable, and feature a waterproof lining so they clean up quickly and easily, use after use. The waterproof lining makes them perfect for keeping salads and left over foods fresh as well as keeping those pesky bugs away from foods when dining outdoors. There’s no end to their usefulness, as you’ll find yourself wrapping them around a variety of plates and bowls as well as those Tupperware’s which no longer have lids!Litter free living food covers will rid your fridge of plastic wrap and keep your food fresh. Each set covers round or
square bowls and plates and can cover bowls with a diameter of 13cm up to 30cm. These are great for keeping
salads fresh and bugs away at a BBQ or picnic. The food covers are made from a highly water-resistant material which is non-toxic, phthalate free, BPA free and PVC free. Each set includes a small, medium and large cover.

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